Saturday, January 15, 2011

I Remember


Do you remember
How my knuckles felt
Stretched and flat beneath your fingertips,
The first time we bent the form 
Of a palm to palm entwinement 
To an embrace more intimate than planned?
Remember how it felt to first hold your hand?

Do you remember
How my skin felt
When I held my breath-
Conscious of your shaky attempt at precision
As you pinned a white flower
To the low neck of my dress?
The blossom bit my bosom with a pin-prick
Though pinched I insisted I remain entranced
And the prodding pressure was worth it,
Because you asked me to dance.

Do you remember
How cold my naked arms felt
When you handed me your sweatshirt,
The one that always smells like exhaustion and yogurt?
I said I hadn’t planned to need you
That I was scared and slow to embrace honesty.
So you clung close, and called me a necessity.

Do you remember
How my hair fel
tOn the worn fabric of your lap?
Remember how my eyeliner soaked your denim
and how dark and sanguine, it streaked your knee?
I waited to find someone who cared enough to hear
Then I told you all my sins and secrets,
I explained every scar and every lie.
You drank my bloodstained past like wine,
And then you told me not to cry.

Do you remember 
How you felt the first time
You said you loved me?

Those three words
The ones-like petals- you bestowed
Are all that this pin-pricked chest,
This blushing belle in her bloodstained best
This stream of eyeliner on a fair-toned face
 With these scars and these secrets,
With these knuckles and these fingertips
Has ever needed.

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