Wednesday, September 21, 2011

On Being a Good Girl

On Being a Good Girl

I am great at stop sign courtesy
I can brake dance at red lights
Im getting better at backing up,
I can keep a good eye on my rearview.
And I’m pretty good at falling for you.

I do pretty well with poetry.
I am great with extended metaphor.
I am sufficient when it comes to grammar
I may be the only girl you know who can pull off the Dickinson dash
And I’m great at loving the way it feels  when your hand’s on my ass.

I am super at hugs
I am great with introductions
I am professional at making friends
I am stellar at hello
When it comes to you,
I’m great at letting everything go.

I am great at picking mascara
I can pluck my eyebrows in the car
I’m getting better at eyeliner on the top lid,
I can keep it all together with some nice shadow
And I can look real pretty when youre feeling shallow.

I do pretty well with animals.
I am great with kittens and cats
Im sufficient when it comes to dog walking
I may be the only girl you know who’d be happy being a cat lady
And I’d be happier being the lady you made me.

I am super at saying yes
I am great at giving in
I am professional at apologies
And I am stellar at regret.
When it comes to you,
I’m great at being a secret.

I am great at telling lies
I can get out of anything
Im getting better at crying on command
I can keep a good game going
And im great at accepting how good you are at knowing.
I do pretty well with consistency
I’m great with daily sentiment,
Im sufficient when it comes to routine
I may be the only girl you know who cant sleep without “goodnight”
And if you fell asleep before we got there, that’d be okay.

I am super at being your part-time lover.
I am great at giving it all to you.
Im professional at going down to where you want me
Im stellar when I know what you want me to do,
And when ive had so much,
Why the hell do I want more of you?

Monday, September 19, 2011

On Holding On and Letting Go.

You held on to him like your favorite bra. he was second nature like cream in your coffee. You held on to him like the keys to your car. He was your best friend. You held on to him like those jeans that you wish fit. You loved him unconditionally. You held onto him like a signature. you accepted all his shortcomings when they were forthcoming. you held onto him like your engagement ring. 
then you let go of him, gave him to good will. poured him down the sink. threw him out the window. You slid him off your hand, off your heart, and we all heard the metal skip across that wooden table into the trash. 

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Seventy Nine days

Seventy nine days  
one hundred ninety eight miles  
separate me from everything that feels good. 
your voice, your lips, your exhale, your smile. 

Will it ever cross your mind  
To call when you have time?
Cause you know if youre lonely that I am too.
And you know i’d go to the farthest lengths
To make small talk with you.

Will you ever think 
to send me a draft of those words of yours?
cause you know how they make me feel. 
give me some of that music in your soul 
and i'll pay you in a million magics you never thought were real. 

will i hear from you in seventy nine days?
will you make it a point to show up in that cocky grin 
tell me you'll be there baby,  
Im ready to let you in. 

Stuck and Skin

Stuck and Skin
I don’t want to be attached to you
I don’t want to let you in
But I want your thoughts and your honesty
And I need your muscle and I need your skin.
I don’t want to like you
That was never part of the plan
But I like everything that makes you you,
And I like that youre learning who I am.
I don’t want to think youre funny
I don’t want to smile when I think of you
But I associate you with all  good humor
And smile when I’m reminded of you.
I don’t want to miss you
Cause that means you got inside
I don’t want you to know how much I care,
Because that just means I lied.
I don’t want to think of you
No matter what station’s on the radio
I don’t want to hear you singing,
 Every lyric I’ll ever know.
I don’t want to miss you
So much it keeps me up at night,
And keeps me cuddled to my pillows in the morning,
Pretending they’re you and holding them tight.
I don’t want to want you
To be the only name on my phone
And I should start feeling guilty,
About how I cant leave you alone.
I don’t want every backseat
To smell like you just after a shower
I don’t want to see you in my rear view,
It gives you too much power.
I don’t want to be so fond
Of you holding my wrist
But I would trade any man’s hand in mine,
For your unaffectionate bliss.

I don’t want to be attached to you
But ive already let you in.
You’ve touched and you’ve teased your way,
Deep underneath my skin.