Thursday, September 15, 2011

Seventy Nine days

Seventy nine days  
one hundred ninety eight miles  
separate me from everything that feels good. 
your voice, your lips, your exhale, your smile. 

Will it ever cross your mind  
To call when you have time?
Cause you know if youre lonely that I am too.
And you know i’d go to the farthest lengths
To make small talk with you.

Will you ever think 
to send me a draft of those words of yours?
cause you know how they make me feel. 
give me some of that music in your soul 
and i'll pay you in a million magics you never thought were real. 

will i hear from you in seventy nine days?
will you make it a point to show up in that cocky grin 
tell me you'll be there baby,  
Im ready to let you in. 

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