Thursday, September 15, 2011

Stuck and Skin

Stuck and Skin
I don’t want to be attached to you
I don’t want to let you in
But I want your thoughts and your honesty
And I need your muscle and I need your skin.
I don’t want to like you
That was never part of the plan
But I like everything that makes you you,
And I like that youre learning who I am.
I don’t want to think youre funny
I don’t want to smile when I think of you
But I associate you with all  good humor
And smile when I’m reminded of you.
I don’t want to miss you
Cause that means you got inside
I don’t want you to know how much I care,
Because that just means I lied.
I don’t want to think of you
No matter what station’s on the radio
I don’t want to hear you singing,
 Every lyric I’ll ever know.
I don’t want to miss you
So much it keeps me up at night,
And keeps me cuddled to my pillows in the morning,
Pretending they’re you and holding them tight.
I don’t want to want you
To be the only name on my phone
And I should start feeling guilty,
About how I cant leave you alone.
I don’t want every backseat
To smell like you just after a shower
I don’t want to see you in my rear view,
It gives you too much power.
I don’t want to be so fond
Of you holding my wrist
But I would trade any man’s hand in mine,
For your unaffectionate bliss.

I don’t want to be attached to you
But ive already let you in.
You’ve touched and you’ve teased your way,
Deep underneath my skin. 

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