Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Sam's Peace

Blue eyes and brown hair
Pink lips and freckled skin
Coke bottle hips and extra white teeth
She’s naturally beautiful.  

thin black lines accentuate her eyes
and butterflies envy her mascaraed lashes.
Her nails are secretly weak but polished over
And her waves in ways no spray gel can tame.
She works hard to be beautiful.

She is a mathmetician.
And a modest poet.
She is a workaholic,
But she is always early for dinner.
Her time is balanced as her checkbook
And she’s organized her way to beautiful.
She is my best friend.
She is my steak and potato
My ice cream breaks on a diet.
She is my glitter, glam and gloss,
My shoes socks and sweater.
She’s the knowledge that comfort’s beautiful.
She keeps my secrets so I don’t lose them
She keeps me honest about my lies.
She glues me together when I tear apart
And helps me plaster on what makes me pretty.
She keeps me beautiful.

She keeps me beautiful
And that keeps her beautiful.
And therein is the peace,
known only to best friends.
And she taught me that its beautiful.

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