Tuesday, March 15, 2011


The ground begins to thaw now. The tree roots elongate and stretch beneath their blanket of soil. They strike out their sleepy branches and share with me all of their dreams.
The creek flows faster. The chunks of ice that once roared and collided with the firm brown of a boundary- are now just dainty droplets that saturate the thirsty soil.
The soil swallows seeds and spits flowers. they become the beauty i count on. They are bestowed on me after the earth needs them no longer.
The air warms now. The sun shine does it. My days get longer, and they fill like the skirt of a ballerina. And my nights, they get shorter and they come in more quiet. Like they walk on tip-toes.
Soon, my daily walks will be voluntary. My sleeves will be three-quarters in length and my hair will be decorated with daisies i picked. I'll accept the nature of my being for what it is.
I'll try on all my shoes. I'll start some days in rain boots, some days in clogs, some days in heels, some days even in sandals. I'll stroll in my wedges, and run in my sneakers. But eventually, i'm sure, i'll take off my shoes and feel the earth bare.

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