Tuesday, May 24, 2011

country music

I listen to country music.

I've never liked sushi,
I don't try to bike uphill,
I let my hair knot in the summer wind, 
I'd let a man front the bill.
I drive too close to the wheel, 
and i listen to country music
cause it has taught me how to  feel. 

I'm always the first to laugh at smiles,
I'm the first to cry at screams,
I do my best contemplating on sidewalks for miles,
I do my best sharing when someone touches my skin,
and i listen to country music 
to learn who to let in. 

I am terrible with numbers, 
I think in letters and poetry, 
I dont lack excitement or enthusiasm 
I really struggle with clarity.

and you are a man-
 from a country song, 
without the boots and hat 
but this is the real world, 
so we can do without that.


  1. country music is our shit in the dish room. (and yes i just read this whole thing)

  2. i love it nikki
    i agree about the ending tho...
    I am not sure
    towards the end it sounded like the rhyme was maybe controlling you
    more than you were controlling it but once i start rhyming i can never stop so kudos to you for daring
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Im the first to laugh at smile and cry at screams thing
    so beautiful and i think it's even a fancy pantsy litrerary device of come sort
    I'm Impressed!