Saturday, January 14, 2012

Thanks for Driving.

Thanks for driving.

I appreciate the ice coffee.
I enjoy the drive-thru windows and your order hesitance,
Straws and cleared cup-holders,
Cards and cash.
Thanks for the caffeine and cream that came
Eight hours into a fourteen hour day.
Some girls want roses and have thanks’ they’ll need you to say
But I’ve never felt more acknowledged
Then I did that long work day.

I appreciate the forgiveness.
You know about the sobriety I lacked on the roundabout.
About the ways I’ve made my mother cry.
About the accidents, and the purposeful detriments.
Worst though: I’ve sworn I hate you a hundred million times.
And you never hold it against me-
When I inevitably need you the next day.
It’s not right to lie to you
But the truth is hard to say.

I appreciate you being my hero.
For checking my fluids
And reminding me to turn on my lights,
For picking me up and bringing me home
And checking to make sure I get back safe.
Thanks for coming to get me when I locked my keys in my car.
You didn’t even yell.
Youre the only person I’d have trusted to come out.
Though with the way I act, you never could tell.

I appreciate your reliability.
It’s nice to think you wouldn’t lie to me.
You’re always where you say you’re ganna be,
Your always on time.
You don’t let me tell myself I’m beautiful and perfect
We both know that isn’t true.
But you’re always there to tell me I’m okay.
You’re reassurance and guidance,
And you’re there for me every day.

I appreciate your memory.
I’m confident that you know my birthday.
You keep names straight in all my stories.
You remember my schedule, my parent’s names,
And how much I prefer diet coke products.
You remember holidays, hair colors, and every bad story I wish you’d forget.
You won’t ever let me abandon the night of makeup you put on me;
Or how many good deeds I’ve done and times I’ve helped-
You have those locked in memory.

I appreciate your tolerance.
Thanks for dealing with tears at work,
And fights that weren’t your fault.
For listening to loneliness, hunger and hate
For remedying sadness time and time again.
Thanks for letting me wear robes in public
And sing without the radio while youre in a check-out line.
Thanks for getting to know that I’m crazy,
And thanks for letting that be fine.

Theres a lot that you do for me,
I don’t want you to think I take for granted.
I am more grateful for you
Then I will probably ever show.
But I’ve written this to tell you;
I appreciate you driving, just so you know. 

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