Monday, April 29, 2013

I Won't Mind

I was sitting next to you
With your hand in my hand.
We had no where to go, nothing to do,
Yet I was more content then I’d ever been
In the timelessness beside you.
Therein is a tenderness not everyone does find
So if next to you is the most blissful I can be
I sure won’t mind
I won’t mind.

I was telling secrets with you,
You had stories falling in my ears.
You can tell me anything you want to
As long as you keep listening better than you have to-
To the secrets I let fall in your ears.
Our stories will build us a haven, me and you,
And if for eternity-to you- my truths bind
And no other sould knows a story of me
Rest assured, I’ll still feel heard, and I wont mind
I wont mind.

I am patiently waiting for you
To give me peace of and make up your mind
So someone can finally know what you want to do.
Though so many others can promise titles and security
Id still so much rather be mindless with you.
We’re co-writing a story with no outline
But as long as I know we still have a story-
Then I’ll wait for an ending and I wont mind
I wont mind.

I was doing all the little things for you
Getting you presents, “goodmornings, how are you,”
Not because you asked for them but because I wanted to
I was doing more than I have ever done-
And ideaing up more because nothing is good enough for you.
There is so much gratuity from being kind
And I wish I could get wealthy serving you-
If I could pay these bills with your smiles and “thank you,” I wouldn’t mind
I wouldn’t mind.

I was laying next to you
With your hand in my hand.
Though there were places I needed to go and things I needed to do,
I was too content to move
Because I was blissfully close to you.
Youre a tender timelessness I have been fortunate to find.
So If ours is a story that never sells,
Rest assured, you’ve been heard, and ill buy every copy with a smile and “thank you”
And I sure wont mind. 

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