Sunday, October 9, 2011


it isn't easy to get my hair to curl. it is expensive, careful and tedious work. 
I can never never wash, rinse and repeat. Wash and then immediately condition. 
I can never put more than four products in at once. John Frieda root to tip and John Freida Curl Definition Creme are both a a must. I am left with little space to decided between Garnier Frutise's goopy green gel (that would be my favorite if it didn't give me that crunchy texture) and whatever Redken I was convinced to buy last.
Then I have to let it dry just enough to make sure my curls are smooth and defined, not crinkled and knotted. Otherwise, i have to wet and re-scrunch guessing blindly how much product was retained. 
Then with an acceptable partial dry i argon oil the ends and my right to touch is revoked for the entirety of the day. 
The cost of beauty. 

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