Monday, October 24, 2011

Playmates and Losers

We aren’t soul mates:
I am no princess.
You’re no knight for me.
This is the real world;
But I’m an imaginative girl
And you’re a real boy.  

We aren’t making a home
But it sure is fun to pretend.
We inhabit the same space,
We don’t becoming a family.
But we put our keys on the same counter,
And they make a suggestive fallacy.

We aren’t best friends anymore,
Not like we were when you called every day.
I don’t think about all the places we went unless I’m there now.
I don’t miss your cats or your car.
Now I just cling closer to my own.
And when you call, I don’t always answer-
But I always say I miss you.

We aren’t in love,
Like they all think we are.
You still thank her for my number she gave you.
We won’t co-objectify at that party he has us to.
Your name brings on no nervousness for me,
But I blush for them when they whisper it;
And we play so well together.

The winter is coming.
Everything will die-
Like I learned in narrative patterns.
But I’ll tell you we should go swimming this December.
I’ll replace all your flannel with cotton plaid this February.
I will even suggest that we go out and live-
Because I know you will say
 “let’s not and say we did”
And that is what we will do because you said so.

We won’t ever change relationship statuses.
We won’t declare a loyalty.
We won’t hang up pictures of ourselves on the walls.
But we will know that they exist.
Maybe, I’ll put them in a frame
And you will put them in your wallet.
That’ll be fine,
As long as we don’t tell each other.
Because that is too real for us,
And this is just a game we play. 

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