Monday, March 12, 2012

Hoping For Raleigh

Hoping For Raleigh 

“I made it down the coast in seventeen hours
Picked me a bouquet of dogwood flowers,
And I’m hoping for Raleigh
So I can see my baby tonight.”

I’ve given up on seeing lines and lanes
I just wanna feel that satin and lace
I wouldn’t care if I drove off this road,
If the risk was anything but seeing your face.

I didn’t say I was coming
Because im just feeling needy.
I need to make it just far enough south
To get you to hold me.

You told me not to leave when I did,
Said I couldn’t bear the cold.
Warm me up baby-
I’ll never grow up, im just getting old.

I bet you have a life now
Some big plans and a big deal
Cause you were always good at being good
And I don’t know how not to steal.

If I run out of cigarettes and these flowers die on my dash,
I’ll knock on our door with petals and Marlboro ash.
I hear they’re cheap here in Raleigh,
“So I can see my baby tonight” . 

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